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Criminal Defense

    K-insight boasts a great number of attorneys who are veterans in the field of criminal defense and they have attained work experience involving criminal judicature in various legislative and judicial government organs. The high-quality services K-insight provides are attributable to the reputable status K-insight stood upon since its early stage of inception. K-insight has persisted in handling cases in a rigorous and scrupulous manner for the past few years. Its careful selection of distinct viewpoints; the usage of logical arguments when planning for litigation strategies; as well as the way it manages to capture details and applies analytical thinking have led to K-insight’s success in dealing with a variety of crucial, complex and sophisticated criminal cases. This effectively safeguards its clients’ legal rights and has great significance on society.

Key service areas include:
◆ Legal assistance for criminal suspect in pending investigation
◆ Representing defendant in prosecution and disposition stage
◆ Representing victims in criminal and civil litigation
◆ Representing an appeal to criminal case
◆ Representing other relevant legal activities in regards to criminal litigation