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Outbound Investments and Mergers

    K-insight possesses a professional team with expertise in the particular area of outbound investment and mergers and its business scope extends from Asia to Europe, North America South America and Oceania. K-insight has maintained a fertile partnership and alliance with internationally renowned law firms, investment funds, investment banks, intermediary agencies and numerous other institutions. The firm has also assisted large state holding enterprises, listed companies and various well-known domestic corporations in accomplishing numerous complex share and asset acquisitions in additional to critical outbound investments with great success. Reflecting back upon its past experiences, furthermore, K-insight has provided assistance for its clients in analyzing local regulatory environment within targeted countries, and has managed to corporate with oversea lawyers to undertake due diligence investigations of the target company regarding its asset and other crucial information. Owing to the conscientiousness of its legal professionals who undertake assiduous research, K-insight is able to pre-evaluate risks and conduct effective risk management; design targeted trading plans that are exclusive for individual client, and promote highly-customerised strategies and advice for business negotiations. In addition to these, being an active participant for relevant business negotiations itself, K-insight is devoted to provide full legal services, which contribute to the ultimate success of business transactions. Furthermore, the firm has been involved in a wide range of projects, covering a diversity of such areas and professions as finance, automotive parts, real estate, beverage and wine, electronic technology, environmental science, biomedicine and medical services.

Key service areas include:
◆ Due diligence investigation of outbound investment project
◆ Investigation of legal environment in targeted country of investment
◆ Analyzing and designing trading structure 
◆ Formulating and adjusting negotiation strategy 
◆ Drafting and reviewing transaction contract
◆ Choosing and coordinating with domestic and oversea intermediary agencies 
◆ Consultation on investment and financing structure and arrangement
◆ Assisting clients in administrative approval
◆ Entire accompany in negotiation and offering professional legal opinion on key issue.
◆ Assisting post-merger compliance and management support
◆ Offering consultation on other specialized problem