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Corporation Reform, M&A,and Regrouping

      K-insight pioneers in the corporate reform, M&A and regrouping practice and retains its dominant role in this sector. Designated by relevant government departments since the early stage of its inception, K-insight has been providing full legal services in corporate restructuring which consists of tasks with respect to diversification of investment entities, managerial ownership, employee share ownership plans (ESOP), and joint-stock system reform in state-owned enterprises. K-insight has accomplished a series of sophisticated M&A and regrouping for its clients from domestic and abroad, ranging from large state-holding groups, listed companies, and great private enterprises to multinational corporations. These restructuring deals covers a variety of industry fields, which encompasses energy resources, automotive parts, E-commerce, clothing and accessories, wine and beverage, medicine, chemical products and etc. K-insight renders services throughout each stage of corporate M&A and regrouping, including but not limited to due diligence investigation on targeted company, legal consultation, trading structure planning, tax planning, business negotiation, drafting trading documentation and arrangement of asset disposal & services of targeted company. Benefiting from the close collaboration between its staff members and their extensive experience in the application of law, K-insight has managed to achieve its clients’ anticipated goals during their business transactions.    

Key legal services include:
◆ Managerial ownership
◆ Executive stock options
◆ Employee share ownership plans (ESOP) 
◆ Joint-stock system reform
◆ Stock equity and property M&A 
◆ Trading structure planning
◆ Due diligence investigation
◆ Issuing due diligence investigation report
◆ Participating business negotiation
◆ Drafting and amendment of documents
◆ Asset stripping or injection
◆ Corporate spinoffs
◆ Debt restructuring
◆ Debt-for-equity swap
◆ Tax planning
◆ Post-restructuring arrangement of management system 
◆ Issuing attorney opinion letter and other legal documentation