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Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)

    K-insight has facilitated a wide range of projects involving FDIs in China for numerous foreign investors, offering legal supports for any legal, administrative and supervisory problems emerging from their day-to-day operations. Reflecting upon its previous projects encompassing the inception, stock rights and asset acquisition of wholly foreign owned enterprises, K-insight has been furnishing services in drafting and revising investment documentation; representing clients in business negotiations on investment projects; taxation planning; providing assistance for any preferential policies and investment incentives applications; and accomplishing all administrative vetting and approval procedures. Accumulated much experience and expediting from the close engagement with government departments, K-insight has demonstrated its uniqueness and competitiveness within a variety of services such as investment risk control, deal structure design, striving for preferential policies and its efficiency on going through the administrative vetting procedures, which effectively safeguards its clients’ interests. 


Key service areas include:
◆ Industry access system consultation
◆ Investment structure design and due diligence investigation
◆ Drafting project application and documentation on feasibility research
◆ Inception of WFOE
◆ Inception of the representative office of foreign-owned company
◆ WFOE reinvestment
◆ Applying for preferential policies
◆ Administrative vetting and registration
◆ Tax consultation and planning for foreign investment 
◆ Management structure design
◆ Drafting and revising articles of association
◆ Drafting and revising investment contract
◆ Drafting and revising trading documentation
◆ Business negotiation
◆ Compliance examination and supervision on routine business operation
◆ Assisting post-merger compliance and management support
◆ WFOE regrouping and liquidation