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Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property is not only the measure of a company’s competence, but also a determining factor that attributes to its dominative position in the market. K-insight is competent in establishing a comprehensive and holistic legal protection system which encompasses a diversity of subject matters, including patent, trademark, copyright, business secret, computer software and data basis. When its clients are endangered by tort, K-insight is able to provide timely assistance with investigations and evidence collection, offering infringement analysis and countermeasure plans. Apart from that, the firm also represents its client for all sorts of intellectual property dispute settlements (including negotiation, litigation and arbitration).  

Key service areas include:
◆ Intellectual property application and registration
◆ Intellectual property ownership transfer and license
◆ The establishment of intellectual property protection system
◆ Investigation of infringement and dispute resolution 
◆ Registration of domain name and protection of software copyright
◆ Due diligence investigation on intellectual property 
◆ Financing for intellectual property investment
◆ Business secret regarding legal issues
◆ Intellectual property dispute resolution