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Private equity and venture capital investment

      K-insight keeps an outstanding track record within the practice area of private equity and venture capital investment and its competent team of legal professionals also contributes to the forefront position K-insight currently possesses. K-insight has persisted in undertaking due diligence pre-investment investigations, and offering risk analysis and control scheme during previous projects. Besides, K-insight furnishes advice on the inception of the management structure, and on taxation planning for private equity funds and venture capital investment institutions. K-insight is also responsible for issuing due diligence reports and attorney opinion letters, participating business negotiations, drafting and amending investment contracts,as well as reviewing other relevant documentation. Drawing on its rich experience and distinctive insights of this particular area, K-insight has managed to assist its clients in accomplishing plentiful high-quality investment, exerting huge economic returns and social benefits.   

Key service areas include:
◆ Assisting the inception of private equity fund and venture capital investment institution
◆ To lead and participate in the project of private equity and venture capital investment
◆ Formulating strategic financial investment scheme
◆ Furnishing advice on the operation and management of private equity fund and risk investment institution
◆ Devising exit strategy plan
◆ Due diligence investigation on proposed investment project
◆ Issuing due diligence investigation report
◆ Participating negotiation involving proposed investment project
◆ Drafting and revising trading documentation
◆ Merger, regrouping and listing for investment project