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Management Buyout and Stock Incentive Compens

      Serving as a measure, which facilitates corporate structure optimization for property and control rights, MBO has been widely implemented in developed countries to promote corporate value, reduce operation cost regarding agency by agreement and insiders’ inventive compensation. Relying on its profession knowledge in conjunction with considerations of the legal system and financial environment in China, K-insight has managed to conduct a large number of MBOs over the years, providing guidance throughout the whole process, from optimizing and analyzing feasibility of the MBO plans; setting up acquisitions and selection of intermediary institution; till the negotiations and the execution of acquisition and the ultimate property rights handover. K-insight’s premium services have been highly favoured by its clients and well received by the market.
     Additionally, K-insight assists its clients in the withdrawal of funds by equity offerings and the disposal of subsidiaries to the administrative layer, which bonds the managing hierarchy with the corporate profit. This also encourages initiatives and working enthusiasm, meanwhile promoting management value.

Key service areas include:
◆ MBO plan devising
◆ MBO fund raising
◆ Business negotiation with regards to MBO
◆ Drafting, revising MBO related legal documentation
◆ Drafting, revising MBO trading documentation
◆ Stock Incentive Compensation plan devising
◆ Issuing legal opinion letter
◆ Assisting with the approval procedure