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Tax and Financial Planning

    Rendering top-grade legal services with respect to taxation, K-insight lawyers have a great depth of professional knowledge about the revenue law and taxation, maintaining a long term amicable relationship with taxing authorities. K-insight is capable of providing comprehensive legal services involving taxing issues which are likely to affect the companies’ routine operations, major decision making and tax-burden. Its service areas also cover resolving tax disputes arising from taxation inspections, (taxation) examinations and special audit. Furthermore, K-insight is able to devise legitimate and customaries tax planning that aims to reduce taxation costs and risks with efficiency. During the process of major operation matters such as corporate M&A, regrouping, connected transactions and securities financing, K-insight takes part in each stage of project, including pre-project tax due diligence; tax assessments and planning for the project scheme; tax treatment when performing the program; and post-execution business integrations. Apart from aforementioned practices, K-insight is also adept in such tax-related issues as equity structure construction, tax treatment for special regrouping and tax arrangement for disposal of asset. Relying on the professional services K-insight provides, its clients are able to operate their core business in the most efficient and tax mitigated manner by the optimization of corporate asset and internal resources.

Key service areas include:
◆ Tax planning and counseling
◆ Tax consulting and advisory service
◆ Taxation due diligence investigation
◆ Pre-M&A tax structure planning
◆ Tax treatment on special regrouping 
◆ Tax planning on business integration
◆ Taxation examination and audit management
◆ Taxation inspection strategy
◆ Resolving tax dispute