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Litigation and Arbitration

    K-insight is adept in providing adequate solutions for civil, economic and financial litigation and arbitration cases arising from business operations. K-insight boasts a team of high-achieving lawyers with outstanding performance within their own professions, earning itself high reputation and recognition from the business. Thanks to its lawyers who possess hands-on trail experience combined with solid and excellent grounding regarding legal issues, accumulated during their service at various courts, procurators and arbitration institutions, K-insight is able to make analysis and prejudgments for any potential obstacles and legal risks during the clients’ routine business operations, assisting them to minimize litigation risks and prevent economic losses. K-insight is also able to devise highly-customized resolution plans that integrate its clients’ need and target specifically for the characteristics of each dispute. With its clients’ interests in mind at all times, K-insight has won numerous lawsuits for clients from home and abroad, succeeded in achieving optimal results for its clients in dealing with influential and intricate cases covering a wide scope of legal fields.

Key service areas include:
◆ Precautionary plan against dispute
◆ Devising litigation strategy
◆ Pre-trail investigation and preparation
◆ Legal consulting during litigation and arbitration
◆ Representative of litigation and arbitration case
◆ Assisting in dispute settlement and negotiation
◆ Applying execution of adjudication