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Corporate legal counsel

    K-insight has served as perennial or specialized legal counsels for a wide range of clients including various government departments, state holding enterprises, listed companies, financial institutions, investment funds, multinational corporations and private enterprises, with which K-insight has forged intimate connections as well as solid and long-term partnerships. Having maintained its cooperation with most clients for decades, K-insight has succeeded in facilitating their inception and development, witnessing every notable milestone at each stage of their growth, and celebrating their expansion and listings. Therefore, clients consider K-insight more than their attorneys, but an integral part of their companies. Drawing on the firm’s solid theoretical groundwork and practical experience in terms of the company law, K-insight is able to provide high quality services on corporate compliance and furnishes continuous/sustainable legal consultation on corporate governance. The firm also offers precautionary plans to eliminate potential risks during operations, which safeguards its clients’ interests and profit. Notably, K-insight performs methodically when facing disputes. It is capable of providing timely first-hand feedback, followed by effective resolution schemes that have the minimal impact on their company’s day-to-day operations, which ensures all disputes resolved smoothly and skillfully. Furthermore, K-insight constantly collects information and regulatory trends which are relevant to its clients’ business operations, analyzing legal and political changes that might bring new opportunities and oncoming market risks (with initiatives and high motivation). K-insight also furnishes practical propositions that base on precise forecast of the economic outlook and  plays an active role in assisting its clients to adjust their operation strategies and management concepts in responding to the dynamic market..

Key legal services include:
◆ Assisting corporate establishment and registration
◆ Drafting, devising routine management and business contract
◆ Corporate profit model design and, routine business regulation planning
◆ Designing ownership structure and corporate governance framework 
◆ Designing business management system and organization framework
◆ Legal consultation on corporate governance and compliance
◆ Guidance for corporate internal control system
◆ Corporate credit and reputation risk control
◆ Corporate financing mode design and guidance
◆ Designing corporate investment management scheme 
◆ Credibility investigation of business partner and competitor
◆ Dispute settlement regarding matters that cause damage to corporate legitimate rights and interests  
◆ Legal education and professional legislation training
◆ Disposition of corporate non-performing asset and credit