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Banking and financing

    K-insight is well-experienced in the practice of cross amalgamation between banking and non-bank institutions. Drawing on its professional team of legal elites, K-insight not only provides its clients with practical investment and financing plans which meet their distinct requirements; but also take initiatives in devising and revising for documentation regarding financial services which include but not limited to syndicated loan, project loan, mortgage, trust and financing lease, and the issuance of bonds. What’s more, K-insight renders services for bank financing clients, including the issuance of attorney advice letter, along with other services such as bad receivable collection and the disposition of various bank non-performing asset.

Key service areas include:
◆ Routine legal affairs
◆ Property management and operation
◆ Trust property transfer
◆ International commercial trust
◆ Ordinary and syndicated loan 
◆ Financing guarantee legal affairs
◆ Financing lease legal affairs
◆ Corporate bond issuance
◆ Bank and corporate debt restructuring 
◆ Trust investment and commissioned financing
◆ Insurance and reinsurance
◆ Bad receivable collection
◆ Non-performing assets disposition
◆ Financial dispute resolution