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International trading and maritime & admiralt

      K-insight’s maritime and admiralty law practice consists of experienced attorneys with distinguished academic backgrounds, providing high-quality legal services for its domestic and foreign clients with respect to such practices as lodging an appeal, responding to prosecutions and undertaking investigations in respect to anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard measures and other trade protection measures. Additionally, K-insight is able to review and amend legal contracts including but not limited to international trading, technology trading, international cargo transportation contract, international cargo insurance contract and all relevant documentation. Furthermore, K-insight is also capable of serving as agent ad litem during relevant litigation and arbitration dealing with matters in regards to aforementioned contract disputes involving foreign interests, as well as all types of compensation for general average arising from offshore operations, voyage and transportation.

Key service areas include:
◆  Drawing up and reviewing international trade related contract and legal documentation
◆  Technology service trading
◆  Cargo and processing trading
◆  Maritime evidence and property preservation
◆  Charter parties contract dispute
◆ Maritime compensation
◆ Shipping and cargo agency contract dispute
◆ Maritime transportation and insurance contract dispute
◆ Multi transport contract dispute
◆ Port operations dispute
◆ General average dispute
◆ Marine finance