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Labor and employment

    Not only is K-insight adept at establishing labor and human resources management system, standardizing labor contract, and improving the rules and regulations. K-insight also has expertise in dealing with sophisticated, labor law regarding dispute and relevant issues that arise during business trading. The firm is particularly proficient in handling any issue related to labor relationships within private and foreign enterprises and during the process of state-owned enterprise restructuring. 

Key service areas include:
◆ Consultation on labor legislation and policy
◆ Formulating and improving standard labor contract 
◆ Consultation on labor contract management system
◆ Participating collective contract negotiation, drafting and revising
◆ Formulating employee incentive compensation
◆ Drawing up and improving regulations and staff handbook
◆ Assisting and participating ascertainment of work-related injuries
◆ Training on labor law 
◆ Assisting in layoffs
◆ Labor dispute resolution