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Real estate and construction

    K-insight has collaborated with various prestigious property developers from both domestic and abroad, providing legal support for issues regarding real estate and construction. K-insight’s legal experts not only draft and make amendments for all relevant documentation with respect to construction and property development processes, investment, construction, build & equity transfer, property sale & purchase, premises lease, and property management contract. The firm also provides legal consulting for the assigning, transferring and allocating of the state-owned land use rights, collective land requisition and other property related matters. Furthermore, K-insight furnishes suggestions and advice for its clients, moreover, issuing legal documentation for their specialized project, including but not limited to architecture, construction, site investigation and supervision. 

Key service areas include:
◆ Compliance and feasibility of construction project analysis
◆ Due diligent investigation of target project and enterprise
◆ Drafting and revising property investment contract
◆ Drafting and revising project transfer contract
◆ Drafting and revising equity transfer contract of target company
◆ Business negotiation of real estate project
◆ Drafting and revising contracts of construction project
◆ Drafting and revising property sale and purchase contract
◆ Drafting and revising lease contract
◆ Drafting and revising contracts related to construction 
◆ Legal consulting on project contracting and bid & biding
◆ Property financing loans, sale & purchase and mortgage
◆ Inception of real estate firm
◆ Transfer and mortgage for construction project
◆ Furnishing consultation on investment and transfer for real estate project 
◆ Tax planning for real estate project investment and transfer
◆ Issuing legal documentation regarding real estate investment and transfer