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Securities and capital markets

    Being a prominent service provider in the securities and capital markets sector, K-insight has a professional team of lawyers who keeps an amicable and steady working relationship with supervisory institutions and tracks on any improvements and changes of the regulations concerning the securities market. This enables K-insight to render full legal services for private and state owned enterprises with their initial public offerings and re-financing offerings for listed companies. K-insight offers services that encompass due diligence investigations of pre-listing companies, followed by the analysis and prejudgment of any legal risks and barricades that may obstruct the progress, moreover, it devises an ultimate plan with practical outline of the corporate restricting and regrouping. The firm’s legal service also consists of drafting and revising a series of legal documentation including regrouping agreements, issuer contracts and corporate regulations, assisting companies in composing their prospectus and other information disclosure documentation, moreover, instructing clients to accomplish all administrative vetting and approval procedures regarding share offerings and corporate listings. After the company has been listed, K-insight maintains its full legal services for all aspects with respect to corporate governance, information disclosure, affiliate transactions and general meetings for shareholders. Additionally, K-insight also furnishes legal services within other areas including securities investment fund raising and offerings, securities investment financing, asset management and securitization.

Key service areas include:
◆ Pre-listing due diligence legal investigation
◆ Devising, drafting and revising pre-listing reform & regrouping plan and documentation
◆ Devising, drafting and revising pre-listing private equity financing plan and documentation
◆ Assisting in composing prospectus and other information disclosure documentation
◆ Initial public offerings and refinancing
◆ Corporate debts offerings
◆ Short-term offerings of financing bond
◆ Post-listing continuous information disclosure
◆ Listed corporate spin-offs and share repurchase
◆ Listed company resume listing
◆ Back door listing
◆ Providing attorney opinion letter
◆ Listed company perennial legal consultant 
◆ Securities investment fund raising and offerings
◆ Securities investment financing and asset management
◆ Devising, drafting and revising asset securitization plan and documentation