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Name: MaZhongMing

Title: Senior Partner


Professional Background:
    Ma Zhongming, graduate of Fudan University, LL.M., securities attorney’s certificate holder, is a senior partner of Shanghai K-insight Law Firm. He has been working as full time lawyer since January 1993 and possesses 20-year working experience litigation and non-litigation services within such practice areas as real estate, financial securities, the company law, litigation for investment and financing. Serving as perennial legal consultant for various banks, state-owned enterprise, and property firms, Ma Zhongming has accumulated extensive practical experience regarding finance, real estate and the company law. Besides, he has provided large state-owned enterprises and listed companies with legal services with respect to equity transfer, real estate and financing projects, as well as planned schemes and legal documentation for numerous major fund operation projects.


Professional Specialty/ Prime Business:
◆Corporate Consulting
    Ma Zhongming has furnished perennial or specialized legal services for the following banks, state-owned enterprises, property firms, and Sino-foreign equity joint ventures, including but not limited to: Bank of Shanghai Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Liangyou (Group) Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Yongjia Xinfeng Management Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Deqiang Industry Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Kaida Washing and Cosmetic Products Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Caolu Construction Investment Development Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Beiyue Industry Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Beiduoyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Rensheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Rensheng Investment Holding Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Guorong Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Yichen Industry Co., Ltd.; Shanghai MianZhong Molecular sieves Co., Ltd. (Sino-American joint venture); Kunshang Elegant Machinery Co., Ltd. (Sino-American joint venture); Shanghai Jiuzhong Textiles Co., Ltd. (Sino-Japanese joint venture); Shanghai Anqifeng Textiles Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Pudong Neihang Trading Development Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Baotailong Cement Products Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Dongyou Concrete Products Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Fuqin Machinery Co., Ltd.; as well as Shanghai Favorite Wine Co., Ltd..

    Having provided numerous state-owned enterprises, WFOEs and private enterprises with legal services involving corporate reform, M&A and regrouping, Ma Zhongming has participated the acquisition of Shanghai Rensheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd on the stock equity of the real estate project company which CITIC Group is affiliated with (involving the area about three thousand acreages). The non-litigation services he rendered include credit investigation; contract drafting and revising; negotiation participation; and agreement signing.

◆Securities and Capital Markets
    Ma Zhongming has provided full legal services in terms of corporate equity investment and project financing, including but not limited to due diligence investigation; trading documentation drafting and revising; business negotiation participation; relevant legal documentation issuance and etc. He has undertaken due diligence investigation, drafted and revised equity transfer contract for the acquisition by Shanghai Rensheng Investment Co., Ltd. on the 8 million stocks held by Orient Securities Co., Ltd. with object of 1.2 billion CNY involved. Additionally, he has rendered non-litigation legal services encompassing due diligence investigation; lawyer witness; as well as fund trust contract drafting and revising during the fund trust project between Shanghai Rensheng Industry Co., Ltd. and Huabao Trust Co., Ltd., which involves (an object of) one billion CNY.


◆Banking and Financing
    Ma zhongming has rendered legal services for various financial institutions with regard to areas including but not limited to civil litigation and non-performing asset cleaning, retrieving huge loss for these institutions. This includes the loan contract enforcement dispute case of Pudong Development Bank Shanghai branch X sub-branch appealing against Shanghai Chuanjiang (Group) Co.,Ltd. and Shanghai Maqiao Industrial and Commercial Industry Corporation; the loan contract enforcement dispute case of a branch of Pudong Development Bank appealing against Shanghai Minhang Beiqiao Industrial development Co., Ltd. and Beiqiao Industry Co., Ltd.; the sale& purchase agreement of national treasury bond dispute of a branch of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank appealing against Wehan Securities Corporation and Wehan Trust Company (with a total amount of 1.1 billion CNY involved); the loan contract dispute of a sub-branch of Shanghai Commercial Bank Pudong branch appealing against Pudong Heqing Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Pudong XX town’s people’s government and Pudong Heqing Asset Management Co., Ltd.(with an amount of 300 million CNY involved ); the loan contract enforcement dispute case among a branch of the Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, China Zhongqi Hongwang Co.,Ltd. and China Zhongqi finance Co., Ltd.; the loan contract dispute case of Shanghai Rural Commercial appealing against Shanghai Jieneng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yejia Industry Corporation and Shanghai XX town’s people’s government of Songjiang distrct; as well as the loan contract enforcement dispute between a branch of Shanghai Bank with Shanghai Longyao Plastic Products Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Anle Industry Corporation.   


◆Real Estate and Building Construction
    Drawing on his expertise within the area of real estate and building engineering, Ma Zhongming has provided legal services, including but not limited to litigation and non-litigation services, for numerous well-known enterprises from home and abroad. The cases that he has undertaken encompass: the property development contract dispute where Shanghai Jintian Property Development Co., Ltd. appealed against Pudong Gonglu Industry Corporation and Pudong XX town’s people’s government (involving the area of 300 acreages ); the property development contract dispute where Shanghai Dawei Property Development Co., Ltd. appealed against Pudong Caolu Property Development CO., Ltd. (with an area of 300 acreages involved); the property leasing contract dispute where Shanghai Dongtu Property Co., Ltd. appealed against Lotus (SH) Co., Ltd. (involving an object of 250 million CNY); the property development contract dispute where Shanghai Beiyue Property Co., Ltd. appealed against Shanghai Jiangcheng Real Estate Devlopment Co., Ltd., Huiguan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Gedaya Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (involving the area of 500 acreages).