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Name: WangXiaoYe

Title: Senior Partner


Practice experience

Lawyer Mr. Wang Xiaoye, graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law, senior partner of Shanghai K-insight Law Firm, worked as a full-time lawyer since April 2000.


Major Social Duties

◆ Researcher at International Investment and Financial Law Research Center of Southwest University of Political Science and Law since June, 2008;

◆ Member of legal consultancy of the people’s government of Jing’an district, Shanghai since 2008;

◆ Independent director of Jinlong Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300032) since 2008

◆ Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of China Corporate Executive Board (stock code: 100106) since August 2013;

◆ Part-time professor at School of International Law, SWUPL since October, 2013


Business Expertise

◆ Corporate Restructuring, M&A and Reorganization

Corporate legal business is a major business carried out for a long time by Wang Xiaoye and his team. Wang Xiaoye’s team is the legal counsel of dozens of group companies, foreign-funded companies and listed companies. They are richly experienced in cooperates M&A and reorganization, due diligence, internal disputes inside companies, corporate governance structure and other legal affairs.

Representative projects processed: shareholders disputes and liquidation project for a famous Shanghai real estate developer; helped Deluxe Family Co., Ltd.(stock code: 600503)acquire project of Shanghai Hongsheng Real Estate Developing Co., Ltd.; processed the disputes on minority shareholders’ right to know and rights of property with the controlling shareholder of a listed company; project of Hiconics Drive Technology Co., Ltd. controlled by Shanghai Shangfeng Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300048).


◆ Intellectual Property

This, especially the trademark and patent area, is one of the competencies of Wang Xiaoye and his team. Lawyer Wang Xiaoye is also good at handling knotty trademark registration disputes.  

In recent years, Wang Xiaoye processed the claim of infringement of patent rights from P-two Industries Inc. against ZheJiang JinLong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies on behalf of the defendant and announced nullity of the patent of the accuser; processed the case of infringement of the exclusive right to use trademark between CEL International Inc. and AIPTEK International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on behalf of the defendant and rejected all claims from the accuser, and so on. He successfully processed such knotty trademark registration cases from NARUKO, Polygon, China Finance Executive Council Co., Ltd., Corporate Executive Board, announced nullity of trademark squatting against Eunor and other knotty trademark registration disputes.


◆ Real estate and construction engineering

It is one of major businesses carried out by Wang Xiaoye and his team. Wang Xiaoye’s team has been providing long-term legal services to over ten real estate companies. They provide excellent legal services on such area as project development, project transfer, building construction, house quality, real estate company liquidation as well as tax process, etc.

Projects and lawsuits processed include: in charge of the whole process from acquisition of Dowell Plaza project, building construction, to subcontract and transfer for Dowell Group Co., Ltd.; liquidation of Shanghai Xinyue Real Estate Co., Ltd.; transfer and acquisition of state-owned allotted land of Shanghai Hongmei Commercial Corporation; remove and relocation, development and sales of Shanghai Electro-mechanics Town of Shanghai Zhongfa Putuo City Industrial Science and Technology Co., Ltd.; first instance at Luoyang Intermediate People's Court, second instance at Henan Superior People's Court, retrial at Supreme People's Court of property sales contract disputes between Luoyang Wenzhou Trading Mall Co., Ltd. and Luoyang Branch of Bank of China Co., Ltd., etc.


◆ Civil action and arbitration

Lawyer Wang Xiaoye and his team can comprehensively process domestic and foreign finance, commercial, intellectual property disputes; representative cases and lawsuits section:      

1. As the agent of the respondent, represented Jiangsu Antai Power Machinery Co., Ltd. and won the lawsuit of international letter of credit paying at London Court of International Arbitration, the arbitration court reject all arbitration application from the applicant Celsa Huta Ostrowiec Sp.z.o.o.

2. As the agent of the defendant, helped the client obtained liability exemption in the dispute case of “(2013) T.Z.S.C.Z.No.0040” bill acceptance at Nantong Intermediate People's Court, Jiangsu in the situation that the client had endorsed the trade acceptance bill.

3. As the agent of the appealer, helped change invalid private borrowing contract judged at the first trial to valid and fully implement at the “(2009) Y.G.M.E.Z.Z.No.123” private borrowing disputes at the Yunnan Superior People's Court.

4. As the agent of the defendant (appealer), represented the product quality case (case number: (2012) Z.W.S.Z.Z.No.865) between Wenzhou Baocheng Automotive Sales Co., Ltd., BMW (China) Automotive Trading Ltd. and Mr. Wu, obtained all liability exemption at the second instance. It is the first all liability exemption of car spontaneous combustion case between the dealer and the manufacturer in China.