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Name: ZhangPing

Title: Senior Partner


Professional Background
    Zhang Ping, graduate of East China University of Politics and Law, J.M., is currently acting as senior partner of Shanghai K-insight law firm. Zhang Ping has been serving as a full time lawyer since September 1994 and has accumulated working experience for almost 20 years since then within practice areas such as corporate legal consultant, corporate reform, M&A and regrouping, securities and capital markets, management buyout and stock incentive compensation, private equity investment and venture capital, outbound investment and M&A, foreign direct investment as well as banking and financing.

Social position and Honours
    Ten outstanding young persons of Jinan district, Shanghai
    Top young and middle-aged talents of Jinan district, Shanghai
    Excellent Non-litigation Lawyer of Jinan district, Shanghai

Professional Specialty
    Zhang Ping has furnished perennial and specialized legal services for well-known enterprises from domestic and abroad, including but not limited to Haitong Securities Company Limited (stock symbol: 600839); Chongqing Light Industry & Textile Holding (Group) Co., Ltd; Haitong-Fortis Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. (China-Belgium direct investment fund manager); Haitong Kaiyuan Investment Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Dragon Corporation (stock symbol: 600630); Shanghai Sanmao Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. (stock symbol: 600689); Shanghai Erfangji Co., Ltd. (stock symbol: 600604); Shanghai Jielong Industry Group Corporation Limited (stock symbol: 600836);Anhui Koyo Group CO., Ltd.(stock symbol: 000979);Tianfa Petroleum Co., Ltd.(stock symbol: 000670); Headquarter in China of Korea Tyre Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Matsushita Electric Works Ikeda Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Spring Bamboo Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. as well as Shanghai Daan Co,.Ltd.

    Drawing on his great depth of knowledge and extensive experience within the area of corporate reform, reorganization and M&A, Zhang Ping has devised practical outline for corporate reform, regroup and M&A; drawn up and reviewed stock incentive schemes, and provided such guidance as training and counseling for the implementation of the foregoing plans; drafted relevant documentation for the submission of approval, and vetting procedures; as well as assisted the acquisition of capital for the administrative level.

    Recommended by the Shanghai Structural Reform Office, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai, Shanghai trade union in 1999, Zhang Ping was in charge of corporate reform and regrouping of 44 large and medium sized state-owned enterprises, for instance Shanghai Zhong Xin (Group) Corporation, Shanghai Eastern Air Holding Company, Shanghai Decoration Group Co., Ltd and etc.  During the aforementioned reforming procedures, Zhang Ping has utilized his creativity by designing innovative plans for management group and key staff regarding the stock option and performance stock incentives, assisting his clients with corporate reform implementing schemes and regulations. By rendering interactive guidance and training regularly to the management group and relevant staff, Zhang Ping has succeeded in facilitating the rejuvenation of these state-owned enterprises.

    Moreover, Zhang Ping is also responsible for the M&A and regrouping between Anhui Koyo Group CO., Ltd.(stock symbol: 000979)and Shanghai Qingan Science and Technology CO., Ltd.; the split-share reform of Shanghai Erfangji Co., Ltd. (stock symbol: 600604); the state-owned equity transfer of Shanghai Sanmao Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. (stock symbol: 600689); as well as the M&A between Carlsberg (Hong Kong) and Chongqing Brewery Co., Ltd (stock symbol:600132).

    With professional expertise in securities & capital markets, private equity investment & venture capital, and banking & financing, Zhang Ping has provided numerous enterprises with full-legal services, including but not limited to due-diligence investigation, drafting and revising relevant trading documentation, attending business negotiation and relevant legal documentation issuance, regarding practice areas such as private equity investment, corporate joint-equity reform, share issuance, listing and project financing. The successfully listed enterprises are as follows,  Nanjing Yunhai Special Metals Co., Ltd. (stock symbol: 002381); Zhejiang Double Arrow Rubber Co., Ltd. (stock symbol: 002381); Wuxi Baichuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.(stock symbol: 002455); Zhejiang Hailide New Material CO.,Ltd (stock symbol: 002206); Wuhan Zhongyuan Huadian Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (stock symbol 300018); Wuhu Token Science Co., Ltd. (stock symbol 300088);and Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co.,Ltd.(002460).

    Taken upon the responsibilities as a team leader, Zhang Ping has succeeded in performing various outbound investment and mergers projects, which includes undertaking due diligence investigation on acquired target companies; providing assistance with scheme designing; drafting, revising and reviewing trading documentation; devising strategies and participating business negotiation; rendering guidance for administrative vetting and approval procedures; as well as relevant legal documentation issuance. Together with his team, Zhang Ping has provided legal services with regard to such areas as foreign direct investment, outbound investment and M&A, for instance, the stake purchase and asset acquisition between Chongqing Light Industry & Textile Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. (CQLT) and SaarGummi Group, which involved an overall amount of 6.4 million Euros and consisted of 21 master agreements, 18 sub-agreements and 56 appendices,(considered by the Ministry of Commerce PRC as a successful sample of Chinese company’s overseas M&A), and the partial offer acquisition by Carlsberg on Chongqing Brewery Co., Ltd. ’s holding of its stock (Chongqing Brewery Co., Ltd.). Additionally, Zhang Ping was engaged in the M&A between Döhler Asia Pte.Ltd and Shanghai Kingbee biotechnology Co., Ltd., as well as the acquisition between Haitong Securities Company Limited and UniTrust Finance & Leasing Corporation possessed by TPG.