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Name: LuQi

Title: Senior Partner


Professional Background:

    Lu qi, senior partner of Shanghai K-insight Law Frim, has been serving as a full time lawyer since 2004. Lu qi has 10-year working experience in the practice areas of criminal defense, corporate legal counseling, civil litigation and arbitration, and finance.

Social Position and Honours:

    ◆ Ten outstanding lawyer of Jinan district, Shanghai
    ◆ Excellent criminal defense barrister of Jinan district, Shanghai
    ◆ Legal aid elite of Jinan district, Shanghai
    ◆ Member of the Criminal law committee of Shanghai Bar Association 
    ◆ Member of the Committee of the Political Consultative Conference of Jinan district, Shanghai 
    ◆ Member of the China National Democratic Construction Association District Committee
    ◆ Member of the youth association of Jinan district, Shanghai
    ◆ Member of the Contemporary Public Figure Research Shanghai Committee


Professional Specialty:

◆ Criminal defense

    Drawing on the extensive theoretical legal knowledge and practical experience, Lu qi has been dedicated and devoted to providing high quality legal services for his clients, especially with respect to different stages of criminal litigation. After being appointed as barrister for criminal suspect or defendant, Lu qi provides legal services for extenuation of crimes, exempting from or reducing criminal liability based on facts and law. Specialized in the area of embezzlement and corruption cases, intellectual property right and high technology crimes, as well as conventional crimes, Lu qi was in charge of handling major criminal cases, for instance,“11.15”accidence involving serious liability, the explosion (case) where Huang XX attempted to make explosives during the Olympic Games period;“9.5”where Tang XX crashed into pedestrians in a neighborhood;  Li XX’s  transformation robbery (broadcasted alive online); Li XX’s fraudulent export tax rebate (involving an amount of 176 million CNY); as well as the Gong XX’s fraud which involves 100 million CNY. 


◆Corporate Legal Consultant

    Lu qi meets his clients’ need by helping their enterprises to enhance legal awareness; strengthening their ability of preventing legal risks; and making legal risks analysis. He thus safeguards his clients’ business and management against any legal concerns. What’s more, he also provides legal services such as: legal counseling; legal opinion letter issuance; participating non-litigation negotiation and settlement; various documentation revising; legal trainings for employees; as well as participating various economical and labour dispute arbitration and settlement as proxy adviser. The companies which he has rendered perennial and specialized services are including but not limited to: Suni Fashion (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Fanqing environmental engineering Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Chenhan investment Co., Ltd.; Youpei Fashion (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; Cofinetech Composite Material (SH) Trading Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Hongzhi City Residential Property Management Service Center; Shanghai Yuneng Building Engineering CO., Ltd.; Shanghai Honglong Industry Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Hongji (Building)Labour Service Co., Ltd. and etc. 

◆ Civil litigation and arbitration

    Lu qi has succeeded in handling numerous influential litigation cases, representing his clients during legal procedures. He has taken upon an active role in selecting the most effective way to resolve disputes for the litigants and thereby safeguarding their legal rights, which was highly recognized by his clients. He has been involved in dispute cases under various categories, including but not limited to equity transfer, contract, real estate, right infringement, financial leasing, commercial paper, bank services, intellectual property right, divorce, lending, heritance, labour and etc. Lu qi is responsible for drafting litigation documentation, investigation and collecting evidence, furnishing legal opinions on the litigation process, participating trails and settlements. Lu qi has been undertaking over a thousand cases and his devotion was well received by the litigants.