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Name: TangYong

Title: Senior Partner


Tong  Yong, Senior partner
Professional Background
     Tang Yong, LL.M., one of the first department of law graduates from the college of (liberal) arts at Shanghai University, has served as a full-time lawyer since October 1986.

 Major Honours:
    ◆  Awarded“National Excellent Lawyer”in December 2011
    ◆  Awarded“Shanghai Excellent Lawyer”in March 2011
    ◆  Selected one of the excellent lawyers for the Ministry of Justice talent pool
    ◆Two-time recipient of the title of“Shanghai judicial administrative system outstanding individual (third-class merit)”
    ◆ Awarded the title of “Leading Talent” by the Shanghai Jingan district committee and district government in August 2012

Major Social Position:
    ◆  director of the 8th and 9th administrative committee of Shanghai Bar Association
    ◆  the 1st and 2nd Director of Jingan District Work Committee of Shanghai Bar Association
    ◆ Vice director of Criminal Research Committee of Shanghai Bar Association
    ◆ Appointed as the“Law Enforcement Supervisor of Shanghai Public Security Bureau” in August 2013
Professional Specialty:
    ◆   Non-litigation legal services:
    1、corporate legal consultant, reorganization, reforming, merger and regrouping
    Tang Yong, along with his team of six, currently serves as legal consultants for numerous groups or joint-stock companies as well as large and medium enterprises, providing high quality and efficient professional services regarding routine legal affairs.  
Tang Yong possesses extensive working experience with respect to practices such as outbound investment, equity transfer, corporate liquidation, contract review, equity dispute and corporate management. He provided full legal services for the proprietor of the Citibank building located at Lujiazui finance zone, which involved object of over one billion dollars. Together with his team, Tang Yong has managed to corporate closely with such accounting firms as PwC and rendered corporate liquidation for a foreign capital enterprise subsidiary of TVSN. Furthermore, Tang Yong has also accomplished a series of legal procedure which includes contract drafting; transformation of the nature of the company; foreign exchange settlement by the state administration of foreign exchange which has earned him recognition and reputation by customers from home and abroad. Resorting and implementing a series of legal measures, Tang Yong has also succeeded in assisting a chairman of the board of a listed company to regain control and management rights which were illegally encroached by the company’s vice chairman and general manager. 
    2、Banking and financing
    Tang Yong has not only assisted corporate financing with professional services, but also utilized his professional expertise in the area of syndicated loan during such major municipal project as“Pudong section of the Mid Ring Rd.”and“North-Channel project for Pudong International Airport”which involves more than twenty financial intuitions and object of over 13 billion CNY. He has accomplished contract and documentation review and revision; due diligence investigation; legal opinion letter drafting and consulting suggestions from CBRC. Tang Yong has also provided efficient and specialized legal services for the corporate bond of the biggest state-owned enterprise “(Shanghai) Pudong Development Group (Co., Ltd.)” with object of over 5 billion CNY; as well as participated in the trust financing venture under the“East City Garden villa phase ii project”which involves object of over one billion CNY. What’s more, he has collected overdue loans for financial institutions such as ICBC Pudong branch, BOCOM Pudong branch and SRCB.
    3、Real estate and construction
       Tang Yong is currently serving as legal consultant for over ten property and building engineering firms. With working experience accumulated over fifteen years, Tang Yong has made outstanding achievements within practice areas such as collaborative development of property; project transfer; land transfer; property trust; business property management; engineering quality and property management. He has participated lately the land transfer project between Shanghai Pudong land holding (Group) Co., Ltd. and Tomson Group with object of over one billion CNY; and provided Pudong Development Group with comprehensive legal services for various property collaborative ventures it took part in. Tang Yong has not only provided professional legal services for Ybon Group’s 800 thousand square meters business property project, but also issued legal opinion letter for the dispute resolution of the collaborative project concerning 1400 acres of land at Tang Zhen, Pudong. Besides, Tang Yong has led his professional team to provide over ten property firms with highly efficient services for their routine business management.   

    ◆litigation legal services:
    1、Criminal litigation
      Tang Yong, a prestigious Shanghai criminal barrister, is extolled by the public of his incisiveness, eloquence and dedication. He has also gained reputation in the Shanghai judicial circle and lawyer community by countless classic litigation cases including the successful defense for Cai XX’s corruption case; Li XX’s fraud; Ye XX’s corruption case; Xi XX’s professional embezzlement; Xu XX’s tax evasion case; Xu XX’s professional embezzlement case and Sun XX’s fraudulent special VAT invoicing case. After Tang Yong lodged an appeal plead for Cai XX (defendant) during his corruption case where Cai XX was sentenced to 5-year imprisonment in the first instance, the case was withdrawn and undergone retrial, which ended up a success without the accused being further prosecuted. The professional embezzlement case of Xu XX and Ye XX’s corruption case, where both of the two defendants were sentenced to more than ten years’ of imprisonment by the public prosecution organs, both resulted in an acquittal after Tang Yong plead for the defendants’ innocence and his arguments were accepted by the court.
   2、Civil litigation
    Tang Yong is experienced in litigation and arbitration with regard to areas such as real estate and the corporate law. He was the plaintiff’s attorney of the first case where the shareholders lodged an appeal on the invalidity of the resolution of the directorate nationwide, which ended up favoured by the court. His arguments in the Weicon equity dispute arbitration case, the land development case between East Shanghai and Shanghai Tukong; SAS Institute Inc.’s liable suit; as well as the real estate dispute case of the cooperative development between Urban Construction Investment &Development Co., Ltd. and AHI Company Limited, were entirely supported by arbitration institutions and courts.